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2018-19 County Transit Budget


Each year in September, Miami-Dade County finalizes its annual budget. The process itself is one of the county’s most important policy-setting actions. Taken as a whole, the budget is a statement of the county’s priorities and goals for the following year.

The Department of Transportation and Public Works develops, coordinates, and operates all county transportation networks including Metrobus, Metrorail, Metromover, Special Transportation Services, county roads, bridges, drainage, pathways, traffic signals, signs, and street lights.

Our Position

For the next fiscal year, the overall operating budget proposed for the entire department is $625,774,000, up slightly from last year’s $623,760,000.

Looking at only service-specific budgets for Metrobus, Metrorail, and Metromover, the proposed budget is $315,168,000 which is a reduction of $3,461,000 from last year’s allocation of $318,629,000. Metrobus and Metromover services are slated to receive some reductions in the proposed budget while Metrorail receives a small increase. The budget does not call for any cuts to bus, rail or mover services.

Some areas, such as construction and engineering, provide services for both transit and roadway infrastructure and operations making it difficult to identify transit-related budget allocations.

Overall, the portion of the budget affecting transit services does little to improve existing services and frequency, but there are no pending service reductions or adjustments.