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Kendall Parkway: Wrong Way


As population has grown, development has spread further west and south creating nearly unbearable congestion in car-dependent suburbs like West Kendall. Despite the county’s SMART Plan which would expand public transit solutions to places like West Kendall, the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority is pursuing an effort to extend State Road 836 further west and south. The new 15 mile section of highway includes an additional toll station and would extend well beyond the county’s Urban Development Boundary.

Our Position

We strongly oppose the 15 mile extension of the State Road 836 tollway “Kendall Parkway”.

Miami-Dade needs solutions to untenable congestion. More importantly, our residents need reliable, connected transportation options. We have expanded existing highways and built new ones for decades almost to the exclusion of any other transportation mode. This singular focus on cars has only resulted in more congestion and more time spent stuck in vehicles. If highways were the solution to transportation challenges, Miami-Dade would have zero problems.

The State Road 836 extension goes against every smart growth principle and all financial logic. The development of this highway extension does nothing more than connect a suburban, mostly commuter region to an already over-congested highway. Worse, nearly $800 million of potential SMART Plan investment will be consumed by a project offering little, short-term relief. If we dedicated these dollars immediately to the development of a public transit solution while staving off unsustainable growth, we would have a better connected county, happier residents, and a brighter future.